HAPPY Mashed Potatoes

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HAPPY Mashed Potatoes

How do you usually make your mashed potatoes? I’d suggest making them however you usually do, but instead of butter, milk or cream, add a plant-based milk (make sure it’s unsweetened…we’ve accidently had vanilla mashed potatoes before, and while edible, they weren’t our favorite!)

6-8 potatoes

¼-3/4 C unsweetened soymilk (or almond)


6-8 roasted garlic cloves

Chopped chives as a garnish

Wash, peel (or not, depending on your preference) and cut potatoes. Cover with water and a dash of salt and heat on high until boiling. Boil until tender when poked with a fork (could be 6-12 minutes, depending on how large your potato pieces were).

When soft, drain the water, reserving about a cup. Mash potatoes, adding the reserved water or some plant-based milk a little at a time as needed. Add roasted garlic cloves and mix. Top with chopped chives.

(These are great alone, or excellent topped with Ann Esselstyn’s mushroom gravy)


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