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At 52 years old and four years into a new career my body finally caught up with me this year. I had a major injury and battled a bad case of COVID. Laying in bed for two weeks staring at ceiling tiles allowed me to reflect on the neglectful approach to my own health. Frankly, I was cruising on good luck, but time was running out. Enter “For Forks Sake.”

Every diet (or, rather, life-style change), had failed me in the past. I cannot eat 200 calories per day and continue to be a good husband and father. I need food! It turns out I was CORRECT! The only difference is that I didn’t know I needed the RIGHT food.

A month ago Rachael helped me get started. I was VERY skeptical of this new way of thinking and eating. I didn’t know if I could survive without steak, eggs, cheese, bacon, sugar, et al. I was also weary of getting on a “fad” diet that would starve me. Rachael’s method is absolutely wonderful! After a week I started expanding my cooking abilities and am now enjoying HEALTHY foods. The best part is that they taste great and I can eat all I want. Simply amazing.

As a result I’ve lost 14 pounds in a month, my digestive system is working like I always thought it should, I sleep better, my migraines have diminished, and I don’t feel bloated after a large meal. My 23 year old Son even commented, “Hey Dad, you’re losing your ‘dad-bod’.” Hey, I’ll take that compliment any day.

After almost a month I’m getting better at buying foods, cooking, grabbing a healthy and fast meal, and generally living with my chosen life style. I may get back to eating a bit of meat at some point, but in a different way. I’ll eat it on rare occasions and consider it a treat. I’m surprised I’m now finding I don’t miss it.

I feel like I’m on the right path again, with (frankly) minimal effort. I look healthy again and am losing weight, yet I’m feeling great and I can eat!

Thank you Rachael!!!

– Alan G.

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